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Wedding Dresses. Welcome to Boston Bride's private bridal luxury Boutique! Our boutique is exclusively for the bride and a maximum of four guests. You will receive a personalized, one-on-one experience in a relaxing and elegant atmosphere. Our stylist will be at your service to help you find the perfect wedding dress. We offer complimentary champagne or a cold beverage of your choice to make your experience even more special. Come and enjoy a unique bridal shopping experience where you will have our undivided attention! Boston Bride has a beautiful selection of wedding dresses.

Boston Bride Wedding Dresses
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Mother of the bride dresses at Boston Bride

Many women complain about the lack of experienced consultants when they visit high-end department stores. As a result, they are left to shop for their special occasion dresses online, which often leads to disappointment and multiple returns. Fortunately, Boston Bride Boutique provides an exceptional shopping experience for women of all shapes and sizes. During your one-on-one appointment, you will receive personalized attention from a stylist with over 16 years of experience. Plus, you can relax and enjoy a glass of champagne or your favorite beverage while your stylist curates the perfect look for you. The private boutique setting ensures you have a peaceful and stress-free shopping experience. You are allowed to bring up to two guests to accompany you. Visit Boston Bride Boutique for a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience.

Welcome to Boston Bride's private luxury boutique, exclusively for the mother of the bride or groom and up to two guests. Enjoy a personalized and serene atmosphere with "one client at a time" service. Your dedicated stylist will assist you in finding the perfect dress while you indulge in complimentary champagne or your preferred cold beverage.

Women's Formal Dresses at Boston Bride

At Boston Bride Boutique, we provide an exclusive and luxurious experience for your formal dress shopping needs. Our intimate boutique is all yours, ensuring a one-on-one, personalized service in an elegant and relaxing atmosphere. With "one client at a time" attention, our stylist will assist you in finding the perfect dress that suits your preferences. As our valued client, you can enjoy complimentary champagne or a cold beverage of your choice to complete your shopping experience. Trust us to make your formal dress shopping a memorable and enjoyable experience.

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Lindsay and Eric's wedding day

Sharing a heartfelt review 



I just wanted to share with you some pictures from Eric and I's wedding in August. I had the most amazing time working with you and the dress you helped me select is absolutely stunning. I felt beautiful while wearing it, just like a princess. Working with you was a dream and I felt like you knew exactly what I was looking for; you offered great advice about styling and how to feel confident in the dress and I came away from the experience with more self confidence than I think I have ever had in myself. I really had the best experience working with you. Eric really enjoyed working with Mr. G and he looked so handsome in his tuxedo, as did all of the groomsmen! You both really have a great eye for what works and you both made the process so easy for us because we felt like you were there to help us make the best choices in an area (wedding/formal fashion) that we weren't very familiar with.   


If you have any websites where you would like us to post a review we would be happy to do so, or if you want to share any of our pictures with your clients please feel free to do so. We only have the best things to say because we had a wonderful experience working with you!


Thanks again,

Lindsey & Eric

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